Hyndman flees the capital.

As tension continues to rise in Seyrus, Vladimir Hyndman flees the capital city and seeks protection from the Social Democratic Federation .Hyndman flees capital as tension rises.

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Vladimir Hyndman appeals for calm

Vladimir Hyndman, the leader of the Social Democratic Federation (aka the Peoples Party) has appealed for calm and pledged to take Seyrus forward to a bright and prosperous democratic future.  The Home Guard has been mobilised and has pledged to support Hyndman.  Despite being poorly armed and equipped all Seyrussian males above the age of 25 are members of the Home Gaurd and receive 10 days training a year.

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Funny Little Wars

News from Seyrus:

The sudden death of King Rupert III has stunned the Seyrussian people.  King Rupert died without a legitimate heir, (although there are quite a few of illegitimate heirs).  Duke Boris the brother of the late king has laid claim to the throne, however due to an unfortunate incident with a lady in waiting at the court of Queen Victoria, Duke Boris was expelled from the Seyrussian court and all of polite society.  Duke Boris has however been seen hanging around the fleshpots of Forbodia. 

Seyrussian Home Guard on Summer Manoeuvres

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